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Nous vous remercions beaucoup pour votre disponibilité, pour votre professionnalisme, pour votre gentillesse.

A notre retour à La Marina, en Février, nous aurons grand plaisir à vous recevoir pour prendre un verre à notre maison.

A bientôt,


- Hélène et François, France

Watsons Real Estate

Dear Andrea

At the moment we are still very busy and have other things going on and yes at times, with regard to selling and buying, the going got tough but all of you at Watsons never failed us and gave us the support we needed.

We will never forget what you did for us and may your efforts and generosity be rewarded a hundredfold.

We will definitely pop in to see you just as soon as we can.

Kind regards

- Jean & Paul, La Marina

Liebe Marianne,

Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich für die gute zusammen Arbeit. Vor allen Dingen dürfen wir sie immer fragen oder anrufen und sie waren immer freundlich und nie ungeduldig.

Vielen Danke

– Jürgen & Heidi, Deutschland

Dear Marianne,

Thank you very much for your cooperation. We felt we could ask you or call you about anything.  You were always friendly and never impatient with us.

Many thanks

- Jürgen & Heidi, Germany

Watsons Real Estate

Dear Andrea, I was pleased to meet you and wanted to thank you for all your help over the past few weeks.

- Sue, UK

To everyone at Watsons, a huge thank you! I am now settling into my new Spanish home.  I am so grateful for all your help.

- Sandra, UK

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